• Proven Security for Substation Monitoring

24/7 Video Security Solutions for Power Distribution

Use thermal’s temperature-based alarms to combine perimeter security
with predictive maintenance.

Pushes Your Security Perimeter Beyond the Fence
Sophisticated Best in Class Human Detection Analytics
Temperature Measurement and Alarms Available
Pan/Tilt or Fixed Camera Configurations
Hundreds of Proven Installations

Security professionals around the world have been using FLIR thermal cameras for perimeter and critical asset security for years. Facility Operations and Safety personnel have been using handheld FLIR thermography cameras to gather non-contact temperature measurements and condition monitoring data for decades.

Now you can use the same camera to do both, and couple it with FLIR’s proven line of MCX, IP, and Analog security cameras and recorders
for a true 24/7 video security solution.

FLIR’s radiometric thermal imaging technology combines detection capability with the power of temperature measurement to create a multidimensional tool that covers perimeter security and operational predictive maintenance creating an even greater return on investment than ever before.

Explore FLIR Security products for Utility Security:

FLIR FC-Series R

Maintain 24/7 video awareness and intrusion detection with FLIR FC-Series IP thermal security cameras, now featuring powerful on-board video analytics for standalone edge-intrusion detection, temperature measurement, and FLIR’s unparalleled 10-year detector warranty.


FLIR A310 / A310PT

The FLIR A310F and A310PT cameras are the first in the world to combine thermal and visible light video security imaging with automated safety monitoring based on the detection of temperature measurement thresholds.



FLIR's DNZ30TL2R HD 30X PTZ IP Speed Dome camera sets a new standard in high performance IP with outstanding HD clarity at long range distances. The powerful 30X optical zoom is ideal for clear identification over wide area applications such as parking lots, airport tarmacs, harbor fronts, or highways.