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FLIR cameras catch shoplifters red-handed

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

If it’s up to Nexo Group, shoplifters have to fear a new tool in the battle against theft: thermal imaging. Based on thermal images provided by FLIR’s FC-Series R radiometric camera, Nexo Group’s xPredator system identifies suspicious heat patterns on shop visitors that could indicate the presence of hidden, stolen products.

As a grocery store or supermarket owner, it is very hard to fight theft. Shoplifting and retail theft may not seem like a major deal, but to the small business fighting for survival, it has a big impact on the bottom line. One of the most vulnerable areas for shoplifting for a supermarket is the fresh food department. But also frozen meat, poultry and seafood, cheeses and beverages, and other liquid products, are very popular among shoplifters.

Fighting shoplifting

Swiss security technology provider Nexo Group SA has been focusing on the problem of shoplifting for many years by creating innovative solutions that help business owners prevent loss of their inventory. “Shoplifting is a reflection of the economic crisis that is hurting more and more businesses,” says Alessio Bua, Business Developer at Nexo Group. “Preventing shoplifting and managing inventory shrinkage is one of the few areas in which improvements can be made.”

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