The Thermal Revolution

The Thermal Revolution

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thermal security cameras see more - day and night Production breakthroughs have helped start a revolution in the thermal imaging industry

(Top) Thermal security cameras see more – day and night – than low-cost TV cameras, without needing external lighting sources or being hamstrung by contrast limitations. (bottom) High production volumes coupled with low-cost technologies have combined to start a revolution in the thermal imaging industry.

Technological breakthroughs have changed the very nature of security. The technological breakthroughs that change the very nature of an industry often happen well before anyone takes notice. It's not until years later – when the archetypes we have taken for granted are lying in splinters at our feet – that we recognize the extent of the changes witnessed.

Discovering and exploiting a root technological advantage starts a chain reaction that changes everything it touches, turning something that may once have been an item of luxury or status into an everyday staple by making it dramatically better and cheaper to produce. This has a snowball effect on markets and on technologies alike: as prices drop, new markets become available, sales increase, production volumes increase, and prices drop further still. Then more new markets open and the cycle begins again, feeding on itself. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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