Powerful, Pocket-Sized and Always Ready: Meet the New FLIR Thermal Benchtop Test Kit

Webinar Registration – November 10, 2015

Presented by Techni-Tool and Chris Bainter, FLIR Systems, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Time: 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Techni-Tool and FLIR invite you to an informative, free, one-hour webinar on why the new FLIR thermal benchtop kit is right for you.

FLIR recognizes that many times in your R&D/Science-based applications, you need a tool to quickly and accurately identify hot spots and measure temperature on your products. In the past, you may have reached for a thermocouple, spot gun, or visual IR thermometer to fullfill that need, but these tools only give you a single point of measurement or a truncated view of the true thermal response on your device. With the FLIR C2 benchtop test kit, you get a tool that you can pull out of your pocket and instantly get a complete thermal picture of what’s happening on your product. Coupled with FLIR’s ResearchIR software, you expand on that capability by streaming the fully temperature-calibrated imagery to your computer for realtime recording, analysis, and data sharing. Join us for a live discussion and demonstration of the new FLIR C2 benchtop test kit to see first hand how this powerful, pocket-sized thermal camera for quick look R&D/Science work will improve your measurements and reduce your test times.