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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.


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App Note - Electronics - Shue

Thermal Imaging of Power MOSFETs under Thermal Runaway Conditions

Jack Shue and Henning Leidecker

The Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) is one of the world’s most manufactured items, but making them better creates new problems. Older power MOSFETs would share internal power; newer ones grab the current, causing thermal runaway. Using a thermal camera and an oscilloscope to look at MOSFET internal voltage and current, we can gain an understanding of how a hot spot develops and better-predict when the problem will occur.

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App Note - Electronics - Bennett

Normalizing the E-values of Components on a Printed Circuit Board

Rudie Bennett

This paper describes the development and application of a method to normalize the emissivity (e-value) of different components on a populated printed circuit board (PCB). This technique is very useful for boards and parts if no other thermal images are available for reference. It entails spraying the board with a tested coating that is not harmful to the board. After drying, the board can be powered up slowly until the suspect component heats up.

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App Note - Electronics - Fishburne

IR Thermography for Electronic Assembly Design Verification

Richard J. Fishburne

Thermography has become an essential tool for design verification of electronic assemblies. This paper will discuss how it is used within IBM to identify and alleviate design problems early in the hardware prototype stage of electronic power assemblies. IBM has used thermal imaging since 1983 on our own designs, as well as supplier-designed components for IBM products. The evolution of IR cameras and e-mail has simplified the task of communicating thermal problems to teams worldwide.

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App Note - Electronics - Ruiz

Capturing a Failure of an ASIC in-situ Using Infrared Radiometry and Image Processing Software

Ronald P. Ruiz

Failures in electronic devices can sometimes be tricky to locate – especially if buried inside radiation-shielded containers designed to work in outer space. Such was the case with a malfunctioning ASIC that was drawing excessive power at a specific temperature during testing. To analyze the failure, thermography was used to locate precisely where the power was being dissipated, giving the design engineers the information they needed to fix the problem.

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