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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.

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App Story - Animal Sciences - Johnson

Infrared Thermography: Its Use and Application for Detecting Infectious Diseases in Wildlife and Domestic Animals

Shylo R. Johnson and Mike R. Dunbar

Infrared thermography (IRT) can be used to remote detect infectious diseases in wildlife and domestic animals. Research has shown that IRT can be used to detect some diseases before the development of clinical signs and shedding of the pathogen, which may reduce transmission of diseases such as foot-and-mouth.

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FLIR App Story - Animal Sciences - Robson

Coat of Many Colors: Cases in Equine Thermal Imaging

Joanna L. Robson, DVM

Infrared cameras have improved, procedures have been standardized, and veterinarians have become familiar with interpretation of the images. Thermal imaging is finding a niche in diagnosing mystery lamenesses, scanning horses at pre-purchase evaluations, aiding farriers with hoof pathology and imbalances, addressing saddle-fitting problems, and providing both baselines and serial documentation of equine health and lameness. A case-based approach to the technology provides evidence of its vast uses and tremendous sensitivity in equine medicine.

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