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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.

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App Note - Environmental - Rao

Assessment of Concrete Bridge Structures Using Infrared Thermography

D. S. Prakash Rao

Bridges are high investment structures, and important land marks in any country besides being vital links in transportation system. Assessing the quality of construction for structural safety is expensive and time consuming. Infrared thermography, on the other hand, provides a fast method of scanning large areas effectively.

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App Note - Environmental - Vollmer

Measurements of Sun and Moon with IR Cameras: Effects of Air Mass

M. Vollmer, K.-P. Möllmann, and F. Pinno

Sun and moon are often recorded on many outdoor infrared images in addition to the desired objects. The present paper discusses what kind of information can be gathered from quantitative imaging of these natural objects.

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App Note - Environmental - Coen

Application of Infrared Imagery for Understanding Wildfire Dynamics

Janice Coen, John Daily, and Shankar Mahalingam

A thorough understanding of wildfire dynamics requires a clear three dimensional picture of the winds in and near the fire, including the flaming combustion zone and the convective updrafts produced by the fire. Infrared cameras are used to calculate combustion-zone winds and examine mechanisms for the rapid propagation of crown fires, presenting a unique high-spatial-resolution and high-temporal-resolution perspective of the motions within crown fires.

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App Note - Environmental - Stockton

Using Thermal Mapping at the Data Center

Gregory Stockton

Cooling the servers in data centers efficiently is critical to increasing IT reliability, maintaining high performance, and reducing electrical usage. This paper discusses the reasoning behind using infrared thermography (IRT) to commission and monitor data centers’ cooling systems.

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