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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.

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USDA appl

US department of agriculture relies on FLIR cameras to study water-stressed crops.

Dr. Kendall DeJonge

In the world of agriculture, farmers have always been searching for ways to produce more crops and at the same time use less water for irrigation. Today, one of the stakeholders who is heavily involved in the research on irrigation and water management is the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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App Note - R&D - Geraci

Detection of Defects in Pipelines Using Transient Analysis Of Thermal-Induced Flux

G. Basile, C. Clienti, G.A. Fargione, A.L. Geraci, A. Risitano

Through a study of the current state-of-the-art techniques used to find hidden defects in steel elements, this experiment attempted to create a new methodology, simple and practicable on the field, for risk assessment, monitoring, and planning control of interconnected piping in oil refineries with the use of thermal infrared imagery.

App Note - R&D - Compton

Coating and Characterization of Energetic Materials

Doug Compton, Dr. Emily Hunt, and Dr. Matt Jackson

This project develops a method of manufacturing Plastic Bonded Explosives using precision control of agglomeration and coating of energetic powders.

App Note - R&D - Young

Coating and Characterization of Energetic Materials

Kevin L. Young, Mike Hart, Jeffrey D. Jones, and Kirk Dooley

This paper describes how infrared cameras were used to 1) help determine the methodology for safely reacting residual sodium within the stainless steel and chromoly cooling loop pipes, 2) non-intrusively identify locations of sodium blockages or build-ups of sodium within the pipes, and 3) safely monitor the progress of the actual sodium remediation work.

App Note - R&D - Sárosi

Detection of Surface Defects on Sheet Metal Parts Using One-Shot Deflectometry in the Infrared Range

Zoltán Sárosi, Wolfgang Knapp, Andreas Kunz, and Konrad Wegener

A device capable of displaying a reference pattern at the infrared wavelengths was developed. This single infrared reference pattern is reflected from the surface of the raw sheet metal object and the reflected image is captured by a thermo-camera.

App Note - R&D - Mirowski

The Corpse Flower: A Thermographer’s Perspective

Steve Mirowski and Steven Kramer

The Amorphophallus Titanum, Titan Arum (the Corpse Flower) is a rare specimen, with limited observational opportunities. The fact that it experiences metabolic heat generation makes it an enticing subject for a thermographer.

App Note - R&D - Tarin

NDT in Composite Materials with Flash, Transient, and Lockin Thermography

Markus Tarin and Ralph Rotolante

Composites are now used in everything from aircraft to prosthetics. This paper will discuss three thermographic NDT techniques currently in use for the detection and measurement of defects in composites such as impact damage, delamination, voids, inclusions, and stresses.

App Note - R&D - Ianone

Effects of Heat on Firearm Barrels

Matthew Iannone

The purpose of this study is to examine the advantage of using a thermal imaging system to capture the effects of heat on gun barrels. The thermal imaging camera will provide such data as the temperatures reached and the distribution of heat along the barrel.

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App Note - R&D - Shue

Thermal Imaging of Power MOSFETs under Thermal Runaway Conditions

Jack Shue and Henning Leidecker

Using a thermal camera and an oscilloscope to look at the voltage and current internal to the MOSFET, we can gain an understanding of how a hot spot develops on the surface of the MOSFET.

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