FLIR Systems ThermaCAMTM GasFindIRTM Infrared Camera Spots Methane Leaks, Prevents Uncontrolled Gas Venting and Keeps Air Clean at Norwegian Landfill

Economic and environmental concerns push for an increasingly streamlined waste disposal, treatment, neutralization and recycling process. Waste treatment companies increasingly turn into energy suppliers. The GasFindIR gas detection infrared camera supports these trends by providing immediate and tangible results.

Lindum Ressurs og Gjenvinning AS, based in Norway, specializes in waste treatment solutions. Lindum follows a consistent waste-to energy conversion by composting, recycling, as well as extracting landfill gas for power production and residential heating. The company's main site at Drammen, one hour drive from Norway's capital Oslo, has a biogas production plant and a huge landfill consisting of selected solid waste covered with clay layers.

The methane gas produced by the landfill is extracted and used for power production and residential heating. Methane is an odourless, environmental harmful gas which is created as a result of pressure formed in the landfill. Moreover, the landfill discharges hydrogen sulphide (H2S) a malodorous gas that at times annoys surrounding residential areas.

To detect relevant leaks, Lindum decided to procure a FLIR Systems ThermoVision GasFindIR, an infrared camera that traces and visualizes about twenty Volatile Organic Compound gases including methane.

FLIR cameras are used to detect gas leaks in landfills  
Gas leak on landfill surface  

FLIR infrared camera is used to detect gas leak on landfill surface.  

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