High-Performance Pan-Tilts

Precise real-time pointing of any payload

FLIR Motion Control Systems, Inc. (MCS) offers a complete line of high-performance pan and tilt devices for real-time, computer-controlled positioning of virtually any payload including thermal cameras, video cameras, IP cameras, laser rangefinders, and microwave antennas. Whatever your motion control device needs, FLIR MCS's innovative technology and years of application experience can help you create the optimal solution.

Four primary FLIR MCS product families are continually evolving to meet your specific pan and tilt mechanism needs:

  • PTU-D300 Family: A versatile group of highly adaptable pan-tilt devices designed to carry very heavy, multi-part payloads including multi-sensor camera systems and antennas as well as payloads on the move.
  • PTU-D100 Family: Mid-range pan-tilt models for payloads up to 25 pounds featuring compact size and multiple mounting options for fixed and mobile applications.
  • PTU-48 Family: Compact, lightweight, rugged pan-tilt for payloads up to 15 pounds, ideal for mast-mounted and mobile applications.
  • PTU-D47 & PTU-E46 Families: Miniature, computer-controlled pan-tilts offer off-the-shelf solutions for positioning of any type of small sensor or other payload up to 12 pounds in an extremely small, lightweight package.

FLIR Motion Control Systems pan-tilt mounts help lower your development risk and increase your first-time application success through innovation, adaptability, quality, and durability.

Solutions to meet a wide range of requirements

The FLIR Pan and Tilt team has broad expertise in electro-mechanical design, embedded and enterprise software design and development, communications, computer vision, robotics, control systems, and more. We will work with you to define an optimal solution for your system integration. The FLIR Pan and Tilt manufacturing process assures that you will receive high-quality products delivered when needed.

Advanced Features and Applications

The Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM) is available as an option for select FLIR MCS pan-tilt models. It provides a complete turn-key integrated solution for low-cost inertial Line of Sight (LOS) stabilization of any payload from mobile platforms including ground, air, and sea. For camera applications, inertial stabilization improves images while on the move. The ISM allows real-time computer control during stabilization, enabling closed loop systems for tracking and slew-to-cue. The ISM provides impressive performance at breakthrough cost points, allowing stabilization to be used in a much broader range of applications. The stabilization provided by the ISM allows the use of higher zoom cameras and is critical for operation of automated video tracking and detection systems aboard moving platforms.

  • Low-cost inertial stabilization for MCS pan-tilt units
  • Real-time control from computer or joystick while stabilized
  • Complementary to electronic image stabilization

The Geo-Pointing Module (PTU-DGPM) is an intelligent module that allows any FLIR MCS pan-tilt unit to be commanded using latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates (geo-coordinates or GPS coordinates). Once configured, it accepts geo-coordinates over the built-in Ethernet/IP interface and automatically commands the pan-tilt to aim at the corresponding location. This is a powerful capability that greatly simplifies systems integration and allows efficient coordination of multiple sensors and systems. Several cameras/sensors can easily be commanded to look at a single position by simply sending the same GPS command to all PTU-DGPM-enabled pan-tilt units. The Geo-Pointing Module allows control of FLIR MCS pan-tilts from any geo-spatial or map-based user interface (e.g., Google Earth).

  • Automatically point pan-tilt at GPS coordinate
  • Web interface for configuration and pan-tilt control
  • Control all pan-tilt functions over Ethernet/IP

Controllers and Software

All MCS pan-tilts support a real-time, two-way control of position, speed, and acceleration and can be controlled by joystick or direct computer interfaces. Desktop joystick options are available for the PTU-E46 models. A ruggedized joystick controller option is available for PTU-D47, PTU-D48, PTU-D100, and PTU-D300 models. All units provide serial pan-tilt computer control interface (RS-232 and/or RS-485) with ASCII and binary control protocols. The PTU C Language Interface allows you to write custom programs that directly control MCS pan-tilts with high performance. A web-based graphical control interface and IP command interface is also available on select FLIR MCS pan-tilt models.