Put Pan-Tilts Everywhere
You Rely on Automated Precision

Where Control is the Point

There's a place for a FLIR MCS high-performance pan-tilt in many industries. Filmmakers can run remote cameras from them. Hospitals can mount robotic lab equipment on them. Food processors can mount temperature sensors on them. If precision, point-and-control and remote operation are needed, then so are FLIR MCS pan-tilts. Below are some of the most common industry applications.


Security, Surveillance & Detection
Modern security systems are highly intelligent. Pan-tilts enable sensitive cameras and sensors for perimeter monitoring, event detection and high-resolution surveillance. Learn more


Machine Vision & Robotics
High-performance pan-tilts provide the flexible, fast and precise sensor control platforms necessary to deliver real-time response in fully automated, closed-loop systems. Learn more


Communications & Measurement
Researchers in industry and academia apply FLIR MCS’s precision and control to measurement systems, lasers, stereo vision, wireless communications and much more. Learn more


Military & Law Enforcement
For applications such as recon, communications and remote surveillance, Military & Law Enforcement rely on FLIR MCS’s durability, ruggedness, and precision. Learn more

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