Communications & Measurement

High-performance pan-tilt mount usage in Communications & Measurement spans R&D, antenna control, laser pointing and more. FLIR MCS provides open interfaces that are just as simple to integrate into systems where automated geo-pointing is required as they are into systems where real-time response to human commands needs to be a priority. You’ll find MCS pan-tilt mounts being used for:

  • Antenna  Positioning and Control
  • Ground-Air Communications
  • Command-and-Control Systems
  • Directional Antenna Control
  • Measurement Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • Stereo Vision
  • Lasers
  • Sensor Fusion

FLIR MCS pan-tilts for Communications & Measurement payloads:


PTU-D300E Product Thumbnail


Extreme-duty pan-tilt for large payloads. Many advanced options include: RF pass-through, stabilization, stainless gearing, and more. Suited for fixed and mobile, antenna, camera, and other payloads. Learn More

PTU-D100E Product Thumbnail


Mid-range, high-performance rugged pan-tilt supports multi-part payloads and internal wiring/slip-ring. Suited for fixed and mobile applications. Learn More

PTU-D47/48E Product Thumbnail


Rugged, compact outdoor unit for fixed and mobile single or multi-part payloads. Internal wiring, slip ring. Learn More

PTU-E46 Product Thumbnail


Building on the success of the popular D46 pan tilt, the E46 allows fast, precise positioning in a lightweight package for payloads up to 9 lbs. Learn More

D47 Product Thumbnail


The PTU-D47 computer-controlled pan/tilt is compact, lightweight, versatile, and field-proven across hundreds of applications. Learn More