PTU-D48 Models

Pan-Tilt Unit-D48 E-Series Models

The PTU-D48 E-Series (PTU-D48E) is a family of compact pan-tilt units that provide accurate real-time positioning of cameras, lasers, antenna, or other payloads up to 15lbs. The PTU-D48E model family are fully weatherized, offer integrated controller and internal wiring with slip-ring for payload signals, and are designed for harsh environments in fixed and mobile applications. The PTU-D48E models offer integrated Ethernet, high-resolution digital encoders, programmable ranges of motion and more. The light weight of the unit (<12 lbs.) makes them ideal for pole-mount or mobile applications.

  • Fully weatherized (IP67)
  • Compact, light weight
  • Rugged
  • High Duty Cycles
  • Ideal for fixed or mobile applications


PTU-D48 Model Family Description

The PTU-D48E model family of compact computer-controlled pan-tilts are designed for a wide range of outdoor fixed and mobile applications. They are extremely compact, light weight, and rugged and offer an off-the-shelf solution for positioning of any type of small sensor or other payload.


The PTU-D48E models utilize stepper motors with an asymmetrical worm-gear design. The body of the pan-tilt is machined aluminum and provides very rigid, repeatable positioning. The controller is fully integrated and the units provide a single weatherized mil-style connector for power, pan-tilt and payload signals.


Both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are provided and Ethernet is available with the PTU-D48E. Payloads can be mounted on the side and/or top (multiple bracket configurations available).


The built-in command set offers both ASCII and binary formats. This command set supports real-time control at very high command rates with very low and predictable latencies. The rich command set provides fine-grained control of position (absolute and relative), velocity, acceleration and other unit functions. The optional Geo-Pointing Module provides a geo-pointing functionality for the units