Security, Surveillance & Detection

Automated detection and tracking are paramount for reducing monitoring costs and improving event detection in modern security systems. Advances in computing and software technology make it feasible to keep humans in the loop or to fully automate detection of events and tracking of subjects in captured and live video streams. Fast, precise pan-tilt units with fully dynamic response ensure optimal operation of these systems. Multiple payloads can be mounted on FLIR MCS pan-tilts for:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Monitoring
  • Perimeter Security
  • Facilities Monitoring
  • Remote Surveillance

High-performance pan-tilts, the most common pan-tilts used in Security, Surveillance & Detection applications:


PTU-D300 Product Thumbnail


Extreme-duty pan-tilt for large payloads. Many advanced options include: RF pass-through, stabilization, stainless gearing, and more. Suited for fixed and mobile, antenna, camera, and other payloads. Learn More

PTU-D100 Product Thumbnail


Mid-range, high-performance rugged pan-tilt supports multi-part payloads and internal wiring/slip-ring. Suited for fixed and mobile applications. Learn More