Technical Support

FLIR Motion Control Systems provides outstanding technical support. Our web support provides firmware downloads, User Manuals, Technical Notes, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other documentation. Login to the FLIR Motion Control Systems Support area.

If you have already registered and obtained a password, click for the support webpages. User registration (below) is required for new users of the support pages.

If the technical support pages don't answer your questions, please contact us. So we can best help, please:

  1. Review the technical information below and on this site to ensure that your question has not already been answered in one of these documents.
  2. See if your question may be answered at the Knowledge Base under the Pan Tilt FAQ group.
  3. Double check whatever steps you have taken to your current point to ensure that something simple was not missed.
  4. IMPORTANT: When contacting technical support, it will greatly speed the process if you gather and send us the following information with your inquiry:
    • Company name that purchased unit;
    • Model of unit you are working with, including Options;
    • Any relevant environment or peripherals you are using (software tools; settings for comms programs; etc.);
    • A complete description of the issue you are experiencing or question you have, including step-by-step description of how you reproduced the problem
    • Parameter settings of your device
  5. Contact us by email including ALL information gathered above.

We make every attempt to provide prompt turn-around of technical support inquires (usually less than 24 hours). If you have a particularly urgent request or deadline you are working against, please let us know.



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