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Furuno NavNet TZtouch Provides Fast, Automated Control of FLIR M-Series Cameras

Thermal Video FeedWith its innovative software and responsive multifunction display (MFD), the Furuno NavNet TZtouch adds exciting new features to the FLIR M-Series camera – the most popular pan/tilt thermal night vision system in the commercial maritime industry.

The TZtouch centralizes key controls like 2D and 3D charts, AIS, Radar, Fish Finder, Sonar, and thermal video into one interactive display. Using intuitive finger gestures, you can scroll, pan, zoom in and out, and create full and split-screen viewing modes.

What’s more, the TZtouch adds automated tracking capability to the M-Series — a feature not normally found on such an affordable thermal camera system. Tap an object on an electronic chart — such as an AIS target or buoy — and set the M-Series to lock on and track it.

If that weren’t enough, you can control the TZtouch remotely using a WiFi-enabled mobile device.

To learn how you can get more out of your M-Series camera with the Furuno NavNet TZtouch, download our Tech Note: Furuno NavNet TZtouch Provides Control of the FLIR M-Series.


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