intelliRock III

intelliRock® III

Concrete Strength & Temperature Profiling System

intelliRock® III is the easiest, most advanced solution for monitoring and reporting concrete strength and temperature. This wireless system allows users to review critical concrete data from anywhere via cloud based software, and is the only system available to retain secure uninterruptable, unalterable data. Complete projects within budget and on schedule with the help of tools such as multiple mix design access and a built-in thermal imaging camera for temperature measurement and heat profiling.

intelliRock III Datasheet

Complete Projects Faster

Prevent delays and meet deadlines by collecting, monitoring, and reporting data with logger comparison notifications and sliding scale logger comparison.

Access Data From Anywhere

Review and report critical data on your smartphone from wherever, whenever, with LTE and Bluetooth connectivity and cloud storage access.

Ensure Concrete Quality

Prevent thermal cracking by monitoring differential temperatures and receiving timely alerts via email or smartphone when conditions warrant.

intelliRock III Specifications

General Logger intelliRock III
Operating Temperature -20°C to 99°C
Max Storage Time and Temperature 85°C for 5 years
Max Temperature Measurement Range -20°C to 125°C
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C (-20°C to 80°C), ±2°C (80°C to 99°C)
Temperature Resolution 1°C
Time Accuracy 1 minute per month
Temperature Measurement Rate 1 minute (resolution for min/max)
Maturity Integration Period 1 minute
Overload Dose Rate Range (Cs-137, Nal) 10mSv/h - 500mSv/h (1rem/h - 50rem/h)
Data Logging  
Time Yes
Temperature Yes
Maturity Yes
Events 6+ max and min temperature
Notes 8+ job site name and logger location
Logger Model-Specific Info  
Type of Logger Temperature Only or Maturity
Available Cable Lengths 4, 8, 15, 30, 50, 100, 150, or 200 ft
intelliRock III Reader  
General Reader Operating Temperature -5°C to 50°C
Time Accuracy 1 minute per month
Logger Data Storage 999 logger downloads
Calibration Curve Holds 5 calibration curves for strength conversions
PC Interface USB and Bluetooth®
Camera 160x120 resolution thermal imager