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intelliRock II™

intelliRock II is the second generation intelliRock system designed to give construction professionals the real-time information needed to safely and efficiently manage concrete-related workflow.

  • Strength
  • Temperature
EZ Cure

Thermostatically Controlled Curing Boxes

FLIR offers a selection of curing solutions for on-site, or laboratory curing of concrete cylinders. Since proper curing conditions can have a dramatic effect on cylinder strength in both hot and cold weather, proper curing temperatures are extremely important for accurate quality control and assurance. FLIR offers the economical EZ Cure II, and the top-of-the-line intelliCure.



Multiple sizes available including our new smaller, lower cost unit! The intelliCure is the industry's ultimate curing solution. The unit heats and cools to maintain a constant (adjustable) curing temperature. The intelliCure also cures cylinders and/or beams in water meeting the curing conditions requirements for "Standard Cured" cylinders.

intelliCure Match

intelliCure Match

The established standard for concrete cylinder curing, the intelliCure family of products just got even better with the intelliCure Match curing system. Now you can monitor the curing of your critical concrete structures by replicating the real-time, in-place conditions that exist on your site.