intelliRock Wireless System

Decision Making Information - Straight To Your Desktop!

The intelliRock wireless system allows data from remote sensors/loggers to be brought directly to your desktop. By connecting a wireless base station to your computer, and remote transmitters to any intelliRock II product (including maturity, temperature, humidity, and precast loggers) data from intelliRock loggers can be downloaded directly into intelliRock software, straight from the concrete placement.

Engius intelliRock Wireless System Connectivity Diagram
  1. Connect up to 8 intelliRock II loggers of any configuration to wireless remote radio box
  2. Communicate with loggers up to 20 miles line of site (actual range depends on many factors)
  3. The wireless base station connects to your desktop or laptop computer and communicates with any number of remote radios.
  4. Start/Stop loggers, download/read loggers, generate reports directly from intelliRock software