FLIR Application Stories - Hunting & Outdoor

FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.


Thermal imaging keeps the greys at bay

Thanks to the hard work of dedicated red squirrel conservationists in the North of England there has finally been a population increase in this much loved mammal after many years of decline. For the first time since monitoring began, a study confirmed that red squirrel numbers in 294 woodland sites in the region were up by 5% in Autumn 2013 by comparison with the previous Spring.

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Africa by night

Many years ago the word ‘safari’ was associated with big-game hunting, but today ‘safari’ is understood to be a trip for observing and photographing wildlife, most commonly in Africa. In fact ‘safari’ was originally a Swahili word meaning ‘long journey’.

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Thermal imaging cameras used for deer management

Deer have no natural predators in the UK and as such deer numbers have increased dramatically. Aside from deer culling the only limitations to their population growth are typically starvation, disease and traffic collisions. The Deer Initiative estimates that there is a need to cull at least 500,000 deer a year in the UK. Without selective and careful deer culling, deer problems will increase dramatically. Damage caused by deer can include serious damage to crops, trees and shrubs and result in a considerable headache for countryside managers and gardeners alike.

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A perfect tool for finding wildlife

Tools for detecting wildlife have evolved a lot in the last century. Binoculars are now quite commonly used throughout the world, followed by light amplifying nighttime vision systems that can be used to spot animals at night. Now there’s a new wildlife detection tool on the market: the FLIR Scout TS-Series handheld thermal imaging camera.

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