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Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS

Explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible. Simply attach FLIR ONE to your smartphone or tablet and experience a new vision of the world. FLIR ONE offers non-contact spot temperature measurement, patented MSX Technology, and automatic shuttering. Plus, the FLIR ONE App offers thermal panoramas and timelapse.


Despite its smaller size, the new FLIR ONE maintains the unique dual side-by-side camera setup…


-Andrew Lisziewski, Gizmodo

The other big difference, one that ultimately makes FLIR the better choice for most people, is that the FLIR ONE actually has two cameras on board, a low-resolutions traditional one in addition to the thermal.


-Jon Keegan

Proprietary MSX Technology

FLIR ONE features both FLIR's revolutionary Lepton thermal camera and a VGA visible light camera. Using MSX Technology, FLIR ONE blends images from both cameras to create thermal images with enhanced detail and resolution.

Device Compatibility

FLIR ONE easily connects to Apple mobile products containing a lightning port, including iPhone 6 / 6 Plus smartphones and iPads.

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

FLIR ONE enables you to measure the temperature of any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C). It can also detect temperature differences as small as 0.18° F (0.1° C)

FLIR ONE iOS Features


FLIR ONE can measure temperatures on any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C).


FLIR ONE's warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year, or 18 months with registration.


Select between seven dynamic video palettes, including B/W, W/B, rainbow, contrast, arctic, hot/cold, and iron.


FLIR ONE attaches to any Apple mobile device with a lighting port.


Explore additional features like FLIR ONE Panorama™, FLIR ONE TimeLapse™, and FLIR ONE CloseUp™ functions.


FLIR ONE App allows you to share thermal images and videos to the social media platform of your choice.

FLIR ONE for iOS Specifications

Model Number FLIR ONE iOS
Scene Temperature Range -4°F to 248°F (-20° to 120°C)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C)
Weight 29 grams (~1oz)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 2.8 inches (72mm) × 1 inch (26mm) × 0.7 inches (18mm)
Battery Capacity 350 mA-h
FLIR ONE neither consumes power from the connected device battery, nor charges it. When inactive, FLIR automatically switches to low-power mode to maximize its battery life.
Visible Camera VGA (used for FLIR MSX blending)
Sensitivity Ability to detect temperature differences as small as 0.18° F (0.1° C)
Charging Method Lightning connector (Apple) paired with 1A wall charger (charges FLIR ONE only, not device)
Certifications and Standards FCC, CE, RoHS, CAN ICES-3 (B)/NMB-3(B), UL
Device Compatibility Apple products containing a lightning connector:
iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s, iPad Air / iPad Air 2, iPad Mini / iPad Mini 3, iPad (4th Generation)

*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Availability of camera models and accessories subject to regional market considerations. Prices listed are US only, please consult your specific country for current pricing.


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Buy with Confidence

All products are FLIR Factory Certified and come with a full warranty.

At Work

Whether you’re looking for water leaks or trying to find the source of something that smells hot, FLIR ONE lets you see things you couldn’t before.

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At Play

Observe wildlife and navigate trails in complete darkness, have more restful nights by checking your campsite for animals, and have more fun putting a spin on a night game of hide-and-go-seek.

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At Home

FLIR ONE can help you optimize your home’s energy efficiency; identify wet areas and potential leaks before mold starts, and spot overloaded electrical connections at the source.

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