FLIR GF-Series features


Ergonomically designed and full featured

All FLIR GF-Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to be used several hours per day. They all contain a number of useful features that will help you to do your inspections more efficiently and to detect the smallest of gas leaks or thermal anomaly.


High sens
High sensitivity
The GF-Series allow you to see temperature differences as small as 0.015°C. Ideal for detecting the smallest anomalies in electrical or other industrial installations.
tiltable viewfinder
Tiltable viewfinder
The high-resolution viewfinder is tiltable and can be adapted to the individual user. It is ideal for outdoor use or when the LCD screen is not used.
lcd screen

Large LCD screen
Super size 4.3” foldable high-quality LCD screen allows you to see the smallest details and temperature differences.

multiangle handle
Multi-angle handle with integrated direct access buttons
A turnable control grip allows you to use the camera in the most comfortable position. The buttons and joystick to control the camera are integrated in this handle and always stay right underneath your fingertips.
buttons kopie.png
Programmable direct access button
For increased flexibility the operator can program a button located on the top of the camera for direct access to favorite functions.
measurement modes
 Large number of analysis tools
Movable spotmeters, line profiles, areas and many more allow for detailed thermal analysis.
MPEG-4 video
Create visual and infrared non radiometric MPEG-4 video files.
visual camera High quality visual camera
An integrated 3.2 megapixel visual camera for generating crisp visual images in all conditions.

laser pointer Laser Pointer
Helps you associate the hot or cold spot in the IR image with the real physical target in the field.
Interfaces.png Flexible interfaces
Easy access to digital video connection, USB, and a direct connection to charge the battery inside the camera.
GPS Built-in GPS
GPS allows to georeference infrared images to determine their geographic location.
wifi Wireless connectivity
Connect to smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi USB adapter, use the FLIR Tools mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for processing and sharing results as well as for remote control.
video streaming Radiometric IR video streaming
16 bit radiometric IR video can be streamed to a PC (via USB) running the FLIR software.
high sens generic.png High Sensitivity Mode (HSM)
Further enhances the sensitivity of the camera so that the smallest gas leaks can be detected (FLIR GF304, GF306, FLIR GF320 and FLIR GF346).