Cores & Components Products

FLIR's Cores and Components group offers a variety of products and services for imaging requirements in different wavelength ranges and levels of integration.


Uncooled IR Camera Cores
FLIR's camera cores may be used in whole or subsystem form by an OEM customer in many applications. Uncooled cameras include the Tau 2, Quark 2, PathFindIR products.


Cooled IR Camera Cores
Cooled camera cores include the Photon HRC and Apache.


SWIR Camera Cores
Tau SWIR delivers superior shortwave infrared imaging performance in the 900 nm to 1700 nm or 700 nm to 1700 nm wavebands.


Our product offerings include readout integrated circuits, focal plane arrays, packaged sensor assemblies and Detector-Dewar-Cooler-Assemblies (DDCAs).


An array of accessory products are available that expand the functionality of our Cores cameras.


Custom Solutions
The Cores team furnishes components and systems into many advanced military IR imaging platforms and also provides custom Readout IC design for specialized applications.


Pan / Tilt Systems
FLIR Motion Control Systems, Inc. (MCS) offers a complete line of high performance pan/tilt devices for real-time, computer-controlled positioning of virtually any payload including thermal cameras, video cameras, IP cameras, laser rangefinders, and microwave antennas.