Design Process

The design process begins with an understanding of a customer's application and requirements. FLIR's design engineers then translate the system requirements into an ROIC specification that guides our design efforts. An initial conceptual iteration identifies the feasibility and projected performance of a target design prior to being implemented in silicon. A two-phase detailed design process includes preliminary and critical design reviews with the customer, to ensure project success. During this process, FLIR creates the design, performs detailed analog and digital simulations of every function, produces a physical layout, and verifies the layout against the schematic. A layout database is then prepared for foundry processing.

Custom Design Process Diagram

Experienced Foundry Management is the Key to Success

FLIR has extensive experience with silicon foundry management. We have close working relationships with major foundries throughout the world and will select the appropriate foundry based on the application and ultimate production needs. We manage the fabrication process through completed wafers. 

Design Verification with Guaranteed Success

FLIR characterizes the performance of all new design in our wafer test facility, verifying that specified parameters meet or exceed customer requirements. We are uniquely equipped and qualified to perform a variety of mixed-signal tests not normally found in large VSLI production facilities. Examples include ultra-low-noise testing, verifying operation at cryogenic temperatures, and testing in radiation environments. A complete characterization test report is generated detailing all system performance parameters.

FLIR guarantees design success. If performance parameters aren't achieved, we'll make the necessary design changes at no additional cost. 

Long Term Production Support

Once a design is verified, FLIR can provide complete wafer-level production testing of the design. Final delivery can be at the wafer level, unpackaged die, or packaged die. Full test data reports are provided for every delivered die.