• Proven Performance and Reliability for Research, Industrial and Military Applications
  • High-Sensitivity Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) Detectors
  • Large Format 640 x 512 with 15-micron pitch
  • Mid Format 320 x 256 with 30-micron pitch
  • User-Configurable Operational Modes
  • Industry Standard Devices

FLIR Systems Inc., the premier supplier of infrared products, offers the 320 x 256 ISC9809 and the 640 x 512 ISC1202 based Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) focal plane arrays. These commercial off-the-shelf staring focal plane arrays (FPAs) are based on our InGaAs detectors and advanced readout integrated circuit (ROIC) technology.

Short-wave InGaAs FPAs cover the 0.9 to 1.7 µm spectral range. FPAs are hybrid assemblies that are mounted on 84-pin leadless chip carriers or integrated into packaged sensor assemblies.

These arrays utilize a capacitive transimpedance amplifier circuit design, optimized for a wide range of applications, including those with low signal levels, terrestrial applications that use a single channel video rate output, as well as high-speed scientific laser testing where multiple outputs and dynamic windowing are needed. Other advanced on-chip features of the ROIC include integration capacitor selection, variable gain, multiple output channels, snapshot integration with variable integration time settings and non-destructive readout. The detector bias setting and overall power control for the chip are also user-adjustable.

Focal plane arrays are typically packaged in leadless chip carriers and are wire-bonded and fully tested to meet the listed specifications. A wire-bonding diagram and interface documentation are delivered as part of the standard product offering.

Sensor assembly packaging is available InGaAs FPAs. These assemblies consist of one FPA mounted on a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and are integrated into a FLIR designed dewar, which is powered through pins on the rear side of the assembly. The system f-number is set by the higher level system optical path. The front window of the dewar has greater than 96% transmission in the 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm waveband.

An interface description document describes this interface and is provided as part of standard delivery.