• Proven Performance and Reliability for Research, Industrial and Military Applications
  • High-Sensitivity Indium Antimonide (InSb) Detectors
  • Mid-, Large-, and Very Large Formats with Common Electrical Interfaces
  • User-Configurable, Multiple Packaging Options
  • Industry Standard Devices

FLIR Systems Inc., the premier supplier of infrared products, introduces the FLIR line of Indium Antimonide (InSb) components. These commercial off-the-shelf staring focal plane arrays (FPAs) and detector dewar cooler assemblies (DDCAs) are based on our InSb detectors and advanced readout integrated circuit (ROIC) technology.

FPAs are available in mid-, large-, and very large format, including 320 x 256, 640 x 512 and 1K x 1K pixel arrays. These Mid-wave infrared FPAs (MWIR), are built as hybrid assemblies and sold as components, that are either mounted on 84-pin leadless chip carriers, customer supplied substrates, or integrated detector dewar cooler assemblies.

FLIR MWIR arrays utilize a direct-injection circuit design, optimized for high flux applications. All designs include two operation modes; a simplified default mode and a user configurable command mode, providing the flexibility necessary to support a wide range of applications. From handheld cameras, which use a single channel, video rate output to high-speed scientific testing where multiple outputs and dynamic windowing are needed, our focal plane arrays surpass the requirements. The windowing feature allows two-dimensional sub arrays to be read out at frame rates of up to 15,000 frames/sec for small window sizes.

Other advanced on-chip features of the ROIC include, variable gain, multiple output channels, snapshot integration with variable integration time settings, signal skimming and dynamic image transposition which allows inversion of the image in either or both axes. This is useful in systems where optics change the image orientation. The detector bias setting and overall power control for the chip are also user adjustable.

Focal plane arrays are typically packaged in 84-pin leadless chip carriers and are wire-bonded and fully tested to meet the listed specifications. A wire-bonding diagram and interface documentation are delivered as part of the standard product offering. Volume customers have the option of supplying their own substrates for FPA mounting, conditional on advance approval.