InSb-based detector dewar cooler assemblies (DDCAs) are available – in both rotary and linear cryogenic cooler configurations – to qualified customers who accept the risks and support that are inherent with integrating a subassembly.

Linear and Rotary Coolers

The standard rotary design uses a ½ Watt cooler for both mid and large format arrays. The standard linear design uses a 1/3 Watt cooler. DDCAs are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and over a wide operating temperature range.

Coolers are integrated with FLIR-designed hard-vacuum dewars offering a choice of apertures: f/3.9 for rotary-based DDCAs; and f/2.5 or f/4.1 for linear-based. A 3-5 micron spectral range cold filter is incorporated into the dewar assembly. The dewar front window is germanium. A furnished connector provides the electrical interface to the DDCA. An interface description document is provided.

Custom DDCA configurations are available, depending on end-user requirements and conditional on FLIR approval. Special build fees apply.